the word “its all in your head” when in relation to something being “unreal”  winds me up. i have heard it being bound about when people are talking of depression, chronic illness relating to it being  ”fake” etc, and it is a real small minded thing to say. Of course it is in the head, that along with pain, love, happiness, hunger, tiredness, motivation, orgasm, touch, smell, taste! is all that unreal just because the thoughts are generated from your brain? the same way everything is generated? so next time someone says to you “its all in your head” say yes actually yes it is, then punch them in the arm and tell them that the pain is all in their head… 


Planning time!


Trying to get our act together for Irelia :DDD Exciting!
This is me trying to get as much good reference of the props as I can get. Started out on LolKing and studying the in-game model - Print Screen is your friend here! The more angles you can see your prop from the…


Alessio Albi | Tumblr - She Storm (2013)

Cosplay Blog

Hi guysssss here is my cosplay blog for those who want to follow , latest post on how to make Maleficent head piece with video to follow :))


Cant sleep

I cant sleeeep because my brain will not turn off. I keep thinking I am letting people down. I have no time at the moment to do anything and its silly because I cant actually remember the last time I just spent timw with myself doing something I wanted to do just with myself. I am constantly doing things and seeing people. Don’t get me wrong I love seeing my friends but sometimes they stop talking to me or get huffy with me because im not spending every day of my so called “free time” with them.
What people dont understand is the last time I saw my nephew was a month ago. Last time I saw my real mum waa over 2 months ago. And the reason being is every time I have a day when I am not seeing my boyfriend or not doing shit loads of marking or essays is that I ensure I see my friends, because they need me, and ofc I want to see them. And although they say to me “its fine I know your busy” or “dont worry ill see you another time” I know they are angry as they stop talking to me , texting me and being normal with me and it hurts!.
I know they discuss it behind my back, they and they dont do it alll the time and actually its not just my friends its some family members too but it still hurta as I try so hard to be a goood person and be ther but sometimes its just never enough. I feel sometimes just over whelmed with it all. And guilty for actually having time to myself. The only time I get is when I sleep yet then my dreams are filledd with guilt. I just want to not feel thia way. I want to beleive that they are not upset with me. I want them not to be upset with me. I just need a break.

"its not whats on the outside , but whats on the inside that counts"

"its not whats on the outside , but whats on the inside that counts"

A phrase i have heard countless times through out my life, it is banded about from person to person, but is it used as a soother like “father Christmas” or is it something that we truly believe?

Surely if we all believed this then should it matter that the boy from year 7 wears pink Nike trainers and a pony tail? 

this i ask you, the man who shouted “queer freaks” to the 2 young lovers on the bus. When your daughter of 16 cried her heart out because peter refused to take her to the prom because she had a “pizza face”, did you tell her it was her fault, that it was un-natural and that nobody would ever love her because she was disgusting?

 ”its not whats on the outside , but whats on the inside that counts”

to the women who refused to let her child play with Dale because his mummy has a girlfriend and is obviously a pedophile. When your child got picked on at school for having a piggy nose, did you tell him to go roll in the mud where he belonged because no one would want to play with him if he looked like an animal?

 ”its not whats on the outside , but whats on the inside that counts”

open your mind and think about the words that you are saying, these words meant a lot to me as a child, so think carefully  when you say this to your children, to your students, to your friends, and ensure that you truly mean them. 


Johan Van Mullem


My latest painting video is now live :-) Elsa - Frozen.


(A younger) Jean Reno as The Frenchman
Ving Rhames as Mother’s Milk
Gianna Jun as The Female (of the Species)
Ray Stevenson as Billy Butcher
Simon Pegg as Wee Hughie 

As suggested by myself and friends!